D5 Toastmasters

Theme for 2013-2014: Geared for Success

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We Need Your Help!

District 5 is growing strong and new club Mentors & Sponsors are needed.  (Download Flyer - PDF)

The Mission of the District is to enhance the performance and extend the network of Clubs, thereby offering greater numbers of people the opportunity to benefit from the Toastmasters educational program.

How can you help?
Become a New Club Mentor or Sponsor  
Work with club mentors and sponsors to set up and conduct demo meetings for new clubs
Speak or fill other roles at demonstration meetings

What's in it for YOU?
Achievement of Advanced Leader (AL) goals
Sharing, teaching, giving opportunities
Speaking opportunities
Networking opportunities

The Role of a Sponsor
The sponsor is responsible for the actual organization of the new club, including selling the new club idea to prospective members, assisting in the establishment of regular meetings, handling the paperwork and helping to plan the charter presentation. The commitment for a Sponsor is 3 months.

After that point, the sponsor's responsibilities end and the mentor takes over. Each new club may have up to two sponsors. Sponsors receive a certificate when the club gets its charter and can receive credit toward the Advanced Leader award.

The Role of a Mentor
New Club Mentors are experienced Toastmasters who actually join the new club, providing guidance during its first 6-12 months. Working side by side with the new Toastmasters, the mentor shows them how to fulfill meeting roles and helps new officers perform their duties. The District Governor appoints one or two mentors for the new club. Like the sponsor, the mentor also receives a certificate when the club receives its charter. Mentors also receive Advanced Leader (AL) credit for fulfilling their roles satisfactorily.

The Demonstration Meeting
Show interested people how Toastmasters works. This special abbreviated program shows prospective members or company sponsors how a club meeting is conducted and what the Toastmasters program can do for them.

You don't need to be an expert speaker to help run a demonstration meeting. You could always volunteer to be the timer! Actually, less-experienced Toastmasters make good speakers for demonstration meetings because they show you can benefit from Toastmasters even if you're not a polished orator.

For more details, please contact: Lt. Governor Marketing